Okidata 52107201 Toner Refill Kit & Bulk Toner.
Our Okidata 52107201 toner refill kit
This refill kit works in the Okidata OL400E, OL410E, OL600E, OL610E, OL810E, OKIFAX 1000, 1050, 2200, 2350, 2400, 2400, 2450, 2600, 3350, 5250, 5300, 5400, 5600, 5650. In under 5 minutes our do-it-yourself refill kit Saves You $30.00 over the cost of new toner cartridges. Conveniently provides needed toner in an emergency. Perfect prints with higher yields guaranteed. Bulk Toner Low As $9.00 Each.
    Toner Refill Kit Includes:

    toner refilling supplies 2 - 60 Gram Bottles of Black Toner (BT-130)
    toner refilling supplies 2 - Toner Magnets
    toner pour funnel 1 - Pour Funnel
    toner latex gloves 2 - Latex Gloves
    toner refilling supplies 1 - Detailed Easy Instructions
    toner refilling supplies 1 - Free Tech Support
    Sample Toner Refill Instructions
Everything needed to refill your empty condition cartridges in under 5 minutes! If you can fill a salt shaker you can refill toner cartridges.

*Our refill kits rival the retail HIGH CAPACITY cartridges! We provide 30% more toner than new toner cartridges increasing page yields.

NO special tools required. Simply remove fill cap and fill with toner.

Yes!...You can even refill the "Starter" cartridge that came with your printer! How is this possible? Simple, the starter cartridge is physically the same, just filled with 1/2 the toner as High-Capacity cartridges.

The Okidata 52107201 toner cartridges used in the OL-400e/600e/810e, OkiFax-1000/1050/2200/2350/2400
2450/2600/3350/5250/5300/5400/5600/5650 series machine are so easy to refill. In fact, all you need is a screwdriver and one of our High-Quality toner refill kits. Just follow the easy refill instructions included with your refill kit.

NOTE: Increase your savings! Once you have our toner refill kit with the special refill instructions and/or tools included, you can purchase our bulk toner and other toner refill supplies shown below.

Toner Refill Kit Provides 2 High-Yield Refills
Okidata 52107201 Toner Refill Kit.
SK-130 $19.95

100% Compatible With:

Okidata 52107201
Okidata 400e
Okidata 410e
Okidata 600e
Okidata 610e
Okidata 810e
OkiFax 1000
OkiFax 1050
OkiFax 2200
OkiFax 2350
OkiFax 2400
OkiFax 2600
OkiFax 3350
OkiFax 5250
OkiFax 5300
OkiFax 5400
OkiFax 5600
OkiFax 5650

Okidata 52107201 Bulk Toner & Toner Refill Accessories Without Instructions or Tools
oki 52107201 black refill toner
4 Bottles of BT-130 Bulk Refill Toner Only
4 - 60 Gram Bottles of our BT-130 Black Refill Toner.
BT-130-4 $39.95
okidata refill toner
10 Bottles of BT-130 Bulk Refill Toner Only
10 - 60 Gram Bottles of our BT-130 Black Refill Toner.
BT-130-10 $89.95
toner pour funnel
1 - 38mm Toner Pour Funnel
Extra Toner Pour Funnel Cap.
PF-38 $1.00
toner magnet
10 - Pack of Toner Magnet Cloths
A must have! These treated cloths absorb spilled toner like magic.
TM-10 $3.95

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