Toner Cartridge Refilling Supplies
toner refill suppliesPour Funnel Cap 38mm
This funnel cap screws on toner bottles for easy toner pouring.
PF38 $1.00
toner refilling supplies Toner Magnet Cloths 40-Pack
A must have! These specially treated cloths absorb spilled or excess toner like magic.
TM40 $12.95
toner refilling supplies Lint Free Poly Wipes 96-Pack
Used for cleaning PCR Rollers and OPC Drums.
PW96 $7.95
toner refilling supplies Drum Padding Powder
Used for coating OPC Drums and Wiper Blades.
DPP $4.95
toner refilling supplies Film Remover 8oz.
Used for cleaning OPC Drums, Wiper Blades and Doctor Blades.
FR8 $3.95
toner refilling supplies PCR Cleaner 4oz.
Used for cleaning and coating Primary Charge Rollers.
PCR4 $8.95
toner refilling supplies Mag Roller Cleaner 4oz.
Used for cleaning Magnetic Rollers and Magnetic Roller Sleeves.
MRC4 $8.95
toner refilling supplies Toner Fill Caps
Used to fill the opening in the plastic toner hopper chamber of the cartridge.
TFC $2.00
toner refilling supplies Hole Melt Tool/Plug Hole Tool
Used to melt a hole into the plastic toner chamber of the cartridge.
HMT/PHT $12.95
toner refilling supplies Toner Vacuum

  • 0.3 Micron Disposable Toner Filter

  • Self-Storage - Accessories Fit In Cover

  • 6 DB Quieter Than 3M Vacuum

  • Portable

  • Stretch Hose 1.5' To 6' Long

  • Automatic Overheat Protection

  • Comes Complete With Disposable Filter Canister, Power Cord, Rubber Flex-Neck, Crevice Tool, Detachable Crevice Tool Brush, Shoulder Strap, And Stretch Hose.

    TVAC $239.95

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