About Laboratory Testing and Reporting

"Finally, when cartridge re-fillers say 'my cartridges meet or exceed OEM performance', they can say so with absolute certainty."

Last December, Toner Refill Supplies, LLC. dba:Toner Refills Now was contacted by three major toner manufacturers to consider carrying their toners. At that time we were buying toner from six other manufacturers. We felt it was time to evaluate both our existing toner line, and the additional sources being offered. The question was, how to fairly evaluate all these toners and verify our choices. The goal was to find toner and component combinations, which would consistently out-perform their OEM equivalents. We then wanted a way to independently verify our choices, so that our customers could purchase these products, with the confidence that our performance claims were absolutely accurate.

Over the past several years, our industry has worked with ASTM to develop a uniform procedure for evaluating laser toner cartridges by comparing their performance to their OEM counterparts. The key to this testing is that the re-manufactured cartridge is tested at the same time, on the same printer, and under the same environmental conditions as the OEM. The procedure provides for testing of yield, density, clarity and overall consistency of performance. Resulting in a comprehensive report and a summary of the findings.

With so many different brands of toners, drums mag roller sleeves, and PCR’s available we had to devise a procedure to narrow our focus on the toner component portion of the cartridge. We began by testing various drum, MRS and PCR combinations until we found the combination that provided the optimum yield to density ratio. With our basic component structure in place we tested all the toners with the same components on the same printer, and consistent environmental conditions. When we found the toner, which provided the best performance, we tested it with other drums, to insure that we had the right combination. We then submitted cartridges made with these combinations for independent testing.

Presently we have results for the EX, 4000, and 4059 toner systems. We have finished in-house pre-qualification tests on additional models (2100 NX, AX, LX, PX, and VX). The WX and 8100 are still under in-house testing. Results are expected in the near future on the aforementioned models.

We are marketing these toners under the name OEM System Matched Toner. When combined with Toner Refill Now’s new component parts (Drums, MRS, PCR and Blades) the cartridges made with OEM System Matched Toner will provide our customers with a level of performance that is consistent with evaluation results.

Feel confident that your laser toner cartridges meet and or exceed OEM performance.

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