Background - Toner particles in the non-image areas of an electrostatic print.

Blasting - Extra toner around printed characters or graphics, in an area that should be white.

Carrier - Those particles in a developer mix which convey toner, but do not themselves become a part of the image in the finished print.  In a liquid developer, the carrier may be called a dispersant.

Cartridge Core - Empty used cartridge.

Charge Assembly - The Supply Unit when fully loaded with the magnetic roller core sleeve and other small plastic parts such as ring spacers and front and rear mounting lugs and bushings.

Charged Area Development - Development of latent electrostatic image by toner of opposite charge.

Charge Felt - Used in some cartridges to place the primary charger on the OPC Drum.

Charging - The process of establishing an electrostatic surface charge of uniform density on an insulating medium.

Cilas Granulometer - Used to measure particle size distribution of toner particles.

Cleaning Bar - See Felt Wand

Cleaning - See Wiper Blade

Corona - In a general sense, the visible flow produced by ionized air in the path of a high voltage electrical discharge.  In electrostatics, the specific type of charging unit employed.

Corona Charging - Charging by means of gaseous ions generated by the corona.

Corona Magnet - Small magnetic strips placed inside the Corona Wire Assembly.  Used to control streaking by attracting toner away from the corona wire.  Not recommended.

Corona Wire - See Primary/Transfer Corona Wire

Debris Cavity - (Dust Bin, Waste Chamber) Storage area in toner cartridge for waste toner.

Densitometer - Measures image density and background of printed documents.

Developer - A mixture of (non magnetic) toner and carrier.

Development - The process of converting a latent electrostatic image into a viewable image.

Discharged Area Development - Development of discharged latent electrostatic image by toner which has a charge of the same polarity as the non-image area.

DPI - (Dots Per Inch) the resolution of the printer, or the amount of dots it takes to print a solid black 1 inch line.

Eraser Lamps - Lamps (Usually Red) Located in the printer. Erases the residual charge left on the OPC drum after the print cycle. Enables the OPC drum to start fresh on the next print cycle.

Exposure Lamp - Used in copiers. This lamp illuminates the image from the original allowing it to be transferred to the OPC Drum.

Fax on Demand - Automated telephone system for the retrieval of all types of information using your Fax machine with a touch tone telephone.

Felt Wand - (Cleaning Bar, Felt Wand) Plastic wand with high temperature felt.  Located in the fuser section of the printer.  Keeps the upper fuser roller clean.

Fixing - The process of rendering a developed image permanent.

Fuser Assembly - Located in the printer/copier.  Melts the toner.

Fusing (Heat Fixing) - The process of making a developed image permanent by heating.

Generic Toner Kit - This is a copy of the OEM toner kit made by a third party manufacturer to OEM specs.  Does not require recycling.

Half Tones - Images formed by groups of dots on a printed page.  Each group can have its intensity adjusted by turning on some of the dots.

Heater Lamp - Located inside the upper fuser roller.  heats the upper roller to the proper melting point for the toner.

Hopper - The "box" containing the toner and including the seal itself.

Hot Seal - OEM type toner seal.  The seal has a heat activated glue which is melted inside the toner Supply Chamber to form a perfect (OEM like) seal.

Image Density - the relative blackness or color density of the developed image as detected by the eye or measured by a reflection densitometer.

Ink Jet Printer - A printer that uses a small liquid ink cartridge to print.  These cartridges can be refilled.

Lower Fuser Roller (Pressure roller) - Located in the fuser section of the printer.  This roller is made of rubber and presser the paper into the Upper Fuser Roller.

Magnetic Brush Development - Development in which the toner is carried by means of a brush-like array of magnetic particles held erect under the influence of a strong magnetic field.

Magnetic Roller (developer Roller) - Located in the toner supply chamber.  this roller carries the toner from the Supply Bin to the OPC drum for image development and printing.

MICR Toner (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Special magnetic toner used in printing bank checks on plain paper.

Microfine Toner - special Fine grain (small particles size) toner used in printers with high resolution.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer.

OPC - Organic Photoconductor.

Ozone - Gas produced by high voltages.  Produced in copiers and laser printers by the high voltage primary and transfer corona wires.

Ozone Filter - this filter is located inside the printer and usually made of carbon.  It takes the Ozone gas traps one molecule and releases oxygen which is non hazardous.

Photoconductor - A material which exhibits increased electrical conductivity when exposed to light.

Picker Finger - Located in the fuser section of the printer.  these fingers keep the peper rolling around the upper fuser roller.

PPF (Plain Paper Fax) - Usually based on either a laser printer or inkjet printer.

Primary Charge Roller (Corona Roller) - Rubber roller inside toner cartridge.  Places primary charge on OPC drum also erases the residual charge after the print cycle.

Primary Corona Wire - Normally located in the toner or drum cartridge.  this wire places the primary charge on the OPC Drum.

Recovery Blade (Catcher, Scavenger blade) - Small thin blade located next to the Wiper Blade.  Guides waste toner into Debris Cavity.

Right Hand Streak - black streak on the right side of the printed page.  Usually caused by a dirty Primary Corona Wire on the EPS toner cartridge.

Sealing Strips (Seal Dams) - Plastic or tape seals placed in the toner Supply Cavity to prevent toner from leaking into the cartridge during shipping before use.

Static Roller - used in cartridges that do not use magnetic toner.  Located in the Toner supply chamber.  this roller carries the toner from the Supply Bin to the OPC drum for image development and printing.  Used in cartridges that do not use magnetic toner.

Sublimation Dye Toner - Special toner used in making iron-on transfers for T-shirts, mugs etc.

Supply Unit - the Hopper plus the Transfer Unit.

Toner - chemical mix of ground plastic, lubricants, and enhancers.  used in laser printers/copiers for printing.

Transfer - the act of moving a developed image, or a portion there of, from one surface to another  by electrostatic adhesive forces.

Transfer Charge Roller - Located in the printer.  This roller places a charge on the paper which draws the toner off the OPC Drum and onto the paper.

Transfer Corona Wire - Located in the printer.  This wire assembly places a charge on the paper which draws the toner off the OPC Drum and onto the paper.

Upper Fuser Roller - Teflon covered metal roller located inside the fuser section of the  printer/copier.  Has a heat lamp inside that heats the roller and melts the toner into the paper.

Virgin Cartridge - A cartridge that was used once and not yet recycled.

Wick - See "Felt Wand".

Wiper Blade (Cleaning Blade) - Metal and rubber blade located in the debris cavity. It cleans residual toner off the OPC Drum after the print cycle.

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